Seeds of Genius

Seeds of Genius are everywhere but rarely seen. They resemble little Einsteins and each one represents a potential idea of pure genius. The seeds hop up your nose and wiggle into your mind, settling in and allowing the idea to grow. Unfortunately they tickle a lot on the way up. Many little seeds are squished inadvertently and thus their idea never comes to fruition.

Buy your own Seed of Genius now available at my Etsy shop I don't know how you've existed this long without one.

I hate to toot my own horn but I really love these little buggers! They're fun to make too. I wanted to have something available that is really inexpensive but also awesome. Their funny little expressions are so nice to have around my work area. I'd like to have legions of them just positioned around waiting to jump in and give me a great idea.

On a non-plush note I coached a horse show all morning in the freezing cold and rewarded myself with a Five Guys burger and fries (drool). That yummy greasy food is SOOO good!

Plush Poots Explode into Etsy

I am honored and proud to bring you the newest craze-to-be on Etsy, Plush Poot Puffs!
Here is the lowdown:

Turn off your Bunsen burners folks because gas has just gone plushy!

Why would you want a plush poot puff, you may wonder?
1) Funny and unique gifts for loved ones who never imagined they could own a poot.
2) Excellent projectiles with countless targets (“Honey stoppit or I’ll throw this poot at your head.”)
3) Can be hung from your rear view mirror, bookbag, or anywhere else a poot is needed.
4) Spray with liquid catnip and let your kitty bat a poot around the house.
5) Friendly and non-judgmental companion for your desktop or computer keyboard.
6) Absentmindedly twirl your poot around your finger.
7) Do you still need convincing? Read all about them below.

In an alternate universe similar to our own when gas is passed it is not colorless but richly colored and patterned, a toot signature dancing joyously from the maker like a puff of magic. Thus one cannot blame the little (or incredible) offense on the dog, hubby, etc. On a recent expedition to said alternate universe scientists were able to bottle and bring back some of these fascinating and somewhat charming poot puffs. They come in four varieties.

Serene Poot Puff – a poot that comes out with abandon when you are completely alone with no social restrictions. It just feels good.

Joyful Poot Puff – a poot that you have been holding back for hours during a dinner party and that you can finally let out once you step out the door. Wheeeew relief! You may then have a whole symphony of joyful poots in the car on the way home.

Surprise Poot Puff – a poot that you think will be silent or that you didn’t even know was coming until it squeaks out. Native to quiet rooms where several people will try not to acknowledge what you just did. How embarrassing.

Vicious Poot Puff – a poot that comes out with a vengeance. Sometimes leaves a burning sensation and always smells horrific. Often emerges when you are alone but only seconds before someone else walks in the room. There’s no hiding it, sorry.

Well I hope you all enjoy this new dimension of fun. Enjoy tossing and twirling your poots all over your home. Fun for the whole family.

This is the kind of stuff that I think about all the time. I guess potty humor comes along with working so much with animals and their bodily functions. I'm a stickler for a good butt or fart joke.

Stuffed Bunny - A Custom Order

I've been working hard lately developing new ideas for plush and other stuff. It's always nice to get a custom order that bends your brain in a little bit of a different direction. This little bunny is my design but in colors chosen by the buyer. She was fun to make and turned out great. The black and purple looks awesome.

I Love You Fabric Cards Debut

I love you! O yes I do. And so I'll give you this weird little love note which is actually pretty darn cool if you ask me. The shabby patchwork note cards are an idea that took me a while to materialize. Kind of missed the Valentine's day market but O well. Soon customizable fabric notes and envelopes to follow. I like being a little bit wild with the sewing machine.

As always this project took me longer to complete than I expected. Instead of a nice short half hour which is reasonable, it took me an entire hour to do one 5x7 card. I don't think I was dawdling either.

So now there are ideas sprung into my head of large scale mixed media projects to do around my house. My couch needs a piece of artwork over it and I'm thinking a neighborhood of funky houses in a pattern inspired by my aerial descent over Phoenix last year. I'll use fabric, acrylic paint, and paper. This project will start when I have some free time (never?).

On the upside all the pieces I am submitting to Stampington's Stuffed magazine are sewn and ready to go. Hooray! Deadline number one met.

White Out

We have had a record breaking amount of snow over the past 36 hours. The roads have just been plowed and now I have even less hope of digging my truck out of the 3 foot snow bank which is our driveway. Somehow being trapped at home is nice and soothing to me. There's nothing pulling me away from home, and being a homebody that's fine by me.

The impending birth of our baby (3 more weeks?) has put me in a state of excitation to meet her. It has also made me frantic to juice my brain for lucrative ideas for my Etsy store. The problem is having ideas that are somehow cohesive so that my shop doesn't turn into a haven of schizo all over the place creations. I've recently restructured my categories and now have only four: Made with Soft, Made with Wool, Made with Fabric, and Made with Odd. I think that encompasses everything. The soft category has all the cutesy stuff, the wool plushes are my favorite, the fabric category is somewhat nebulous to me so far, and odd I am excited to add more pieces to. So what I hope to do is add some more functional items to the array.

I realize that good ideas don't necessarily sell themselves either, although it would be awesome if they did. My marketing skills are lacking at best. Well, with all this time to be snowed in I'll be trying out some of my fancy new ideas and see how they go!

Not one more thing.

There is a baby shower here at my house on Sunday. It's Thursday and I'm hoping that my fairy godmother shows up soon to wave her wand and clean my house. At least I think there's a house somewhere in this mess! And there are still so many things to do to get ready for baby. And I'm still working full time. And there are three deadlines for plush things that I want to submit to in February. Woo. I don't think I can take even one more thing.

On the upside my equestrian team that I coach threw me a surprise baby shower last night. It was great! I ended up being taken out to dinner in my dirty barn sweatshirt and sweatpants instead of teaching their practice. It's hilarious that a tiny person will be arriving to fit into all the tiny clothes we've been getting.

Hopefully this morning I can steal some time in my basement studio to work on a new plush I've been trying to finish for a week!

My first post

Hi, my name is Inga and I am addicted to buying craft supplies. If I had to panhandle to get enough change to buy either a yard of rich heavyweight wool fabric or dinner I would go hungry. You can't make plush out of meat and vegetables anyway. My Etsy shops are my obsession.

Right now I have about a month left before my tiny baby pops out. I expect it to go just like that too. Arrive at the hospital and *pop* all done, baby is here. My only lament is that I already feel like there aren't enough hours in the day. With our daughter here there will be even less but I don't think we'll notice.